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Ipad lighting for video conferencing–15 inches ring light



ipad with ring light

You can use ipad to open video conferences and take videos.

Since the mobile phone is too small for video conferences and it is inconvenient to use the computer, this lighting for video conferencing  is specially made for ipad video conferences. The size is suitable. You can also broadcast live, watch tiktok, and chase dramas.

This lighting for zoom calls can be folded easily and storage, easy to carry.


If you often travel, you need to take this lighting for zoom meeting, this zoom light is foldable and easy to move.

folded ring light,and two iphone
two point lighting for zoom calls

This zoom light can replace the spherical lamp.

For people who don’t have a studio, using a spherical light takes too much space and is not easy to store. If you are taking pictures, use this zoom light can completely solve this problem. It does not take up space. Especially if you use zoom light in your home, office or hotel, you have to restore it up after you finish it. This kind of lamp is very convenient to fold and doesn’t take up more space.

it is also a floor lamp


At the same time, it is also a floor lamp, especially at home, it can be used for zoom meetings, it is also a table lamp if don’t lighting for video conferencing.You can use both zoom light and ring light as well as floor lamps. Buying one is equivalent to buying two lamps.

floor lamp

You can use the power supply to charge, and you can also charge your mobile phone.

There is a Dc12v power supply to power the light. Of course, if the ipad or mobile phone is working for a long time, such as watching tiktok, it needs to be charged. The zoom light can also charge your mobile phone and ipad.


The disadvantage is that when the lamp is installed with an ipad, it should not be too high, because the ipad is heavier than a mobile phone, and the stability is not enough. There is no problem if you can put it on the desktop as shown in the first  figure.

Three color temperature options, 10 brightness changes.

There are three color temperatures: warm white, day white and commercial white, which can be selected by pressing the button. At the same time, there are 10 brightness levels. You can increase or decrease the brightness according to your needs.

Ten brightness level adjustable, three color tempreture warm white, business white and neutral white for option.

Additional information

Weight 1.6 kg
Dimensions 405 × 290 × 90 cm
Input voltage


output voltage


working voltage



max 30w


A phone clip,A power supply, A remote control


pink and black


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