Best way to reducing reflections formed in glasses is using the newest lighting for zoom meetings

Editor by tony jing 01/04/2022

         The objective of this article is to finding a solution to the problem of reflective circles on glasses for people who wear glasses under the lighting for  zoom meetings. Even when the user doesn’t wear glasses, the problem still persists — two small circles on the pupil. 

reflection on eye glasses under lighting for zoom meetings

       When we make a video call, there is a  lighting for zoom meetings  placed directly in front of us, thus forming two very bright reflective circles on the glasses, especially when we are talking, our heads are shaking, so the two apertures are also shaking, causing the picture to be extremely uncomfortable.


       Even for those who do not wear glasses, two small circles form inside the eyes. Some people like it while others hate it.

lighting for zoom calls

     The main reason for this is because the light from the lighting for  zoom meetings shines right flat against the eyes, thus leaving a circle of light on the glasses (or eyes), so we have to move the light further away from us to make the reflection disappear.

      The lighting for zoom meetings can be moved to four different positions: up and down, left and right. As the following is a horror film, do not discuss.

      Move the light to the left or right, that is, 45 degrees to the left or 45 degrees to the right to illuminate the face.

 the problem  about using  lighting for zoom meetings

lighting for video conferencings

45 degrees to the left


      This method is used to solve the problem of the two apertures on the eyes or on the glasses. But it also causes a problem: 

  • when lightis shone on the left, the right side of your face will be dark. there will be light on the left side of your face, while the right side is dark. 
  • similarly, when you shine from the right, then the left will appear dark lighton the right side, darkness on the left side. Then the dark places will produce a lot of noise and appears that your skin aging.

    The lighting  for  zoom meetings makes your skin reflect light evenly, causing your skin to be smooth.

    Therefore, I think the solution does not consist of placing the light on the side,45 degrees to the left or 45 degrees to the right.

     We can do this in another way: pulling the light up and shining it down on the face at an angle of 45 degrees diagonally directly in front of the subject.   

lighting for zoom meetings

directly above at an angle of 45 degrees

     Since the light is coming directly from above at an angle of 45 degrees, it will make your nose appear and longer because a butterfly shadow will be formed under the nose. Your eyes will appear more esoteric because there is a shadow that is created under the brow bone, while a shadow is formed under the chin, which also causes your neck to lengthen.  

     This is the method used by many movie actors, especially Audrey Hepburn. In almost all of her photos, lighting is placed directly above her head, and the light shines down.

left 45 degree
webcam lighting

                                     45 degrees to the left effect                       directly above at an angle of 45 degrees effect

   If you are slim with long face, you will appear slimer with a longer face. But if you are fat, congratulations, this method is suitable for you.

    In general, most of what we use lighting for zoom meetings for is to make some simple calls to colleagues or friends. If you are not conducting professional lectures, speeches or conducting live event or talking  to customers, a single light is sufficient. If you think, your budget is on the high side, then we will introduce the two-point lighting method. This method is better than the 45degrees method we saw earlier.

    For two-point lighting, you need for two lighting for  zoom meetings: one for the main light, the other for the auxiliary lights. In general, as the light placed at left is the main light, this time it is a little brighter. It is also placed at an angle of 45 degrees to the left. The other auxiliary is placed at an angle of 45 degrees to the right. This time its brightness is only half that of the main light, or even less.

    The advantage of this is that the light is not directed to the lens, and there will be no reflected light, which also eliminates the reflected light.

two -point lighting
two-point lighting

   Two -points lighting

      Why use two light sources? As we saw earlier, when the left side is illuminated, the right side of the face will be dark state, hence there will be more noise, which gives the skin a very rough appearance. So the right side of the face needs to be illuminated by also placing a light source to at the right.

     So two-point lighting is a better lighting method. It is better than single-point lighting at an angle of 45 degrees directly above facing down, because its light is more uniform. Besides, two-point lighting does not change the appearance of the shape of the human face whereas single-point lighting does.

webcam lighting

                                                                      directly above at an angle of 45 degrees effect                   two-points lighting effect   

      Moreover, two-point lighting accentuates the three-dimensional effect of the face, especially in the cheeks thanks to a triangle of lighting. This contrast between light and dark gives the face a sharp and angular form.

conclusion  about  zoom  lights


     In summary, there are two solutions to the problem of reflective circles on glasses or on the eyes: For calls between acquaintances, use one-point lighting, which is an inexpensive alternative. For one-point lighting, the light source is placed directly above obliquely at a 45-degree angle facing downward. Although this is not the perfect solution, it can solve the problem of reflective circles. If your budget is flexible, you can use two-point lighting to solve this problem. Two-point-lighting is better than a one-point lighting.

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