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Best way to reducing reflections formed in glasses is using the newest lighting for zoom meetings

Best way to reducing reflections formed in glasses is using the newest lighting for zoom meetings

Editor by tony jing 01/04/2022

         The objective of this article is to finding a solution to the problem of reflective circles on glasses for people who wear glasses under the lighting for  zoom meetings. Even when the user doesn’t wear glasses, the problem still persists — two small circles on the pupil. 

reflection on eye glasses under lighting for zoom meetings

       When we make a video call, there is a  lighting for zoom meetings  placed directly in front of us, thus forming two very bright reflective circles on the glasses, especially when we are talking, our heads are shaking, so the two apertures are also shaking, causing the picture to be extremely uncomfortable.


       Even for those who do not wear glasses, two small circles form inside the eyes. Some people like it while others hate it.

lighting for zoom calls

     The main reason for this is because the light from the lighting for  zoom meetings shines right flat against the eyes, thus leaving a circle of light on the glasses (or eyes), so we have to move the light further away from us to make the reflection disappear.

      The lighting for zoom meetings can be moved to four different positions: up and down, left and right. As the following is a horror film, do not discuss.

      Move the light to the left or right, that is, 45 degrees to the left or 45 degrees to the right to illuminate the face.

 the problem  about using  lighting for zoom meetings

lighting for video conferencings

45 degrees to the left


      This method is used to solve the problem of the two apertures on the eyes or on the glasses. But it also causes a problem: 

  • when lightis shone on the left, the right side of your face will be dark. there will be light on the left side of your face, while the right side is dark. 
  • similarly, when you shine from the right, then the left will appear dark lighton the right side, darkness on the left side. Then the dark places will produce a lot of noise and appears that your skin aging.

    The lighting  for  zoom meetings makes your skin reflect light evenly, causing your skin to be smooth.

    Therefore, I think the solution does not consist of placing the light on the side,45 degrees to the left or 45 degrees to the right.

     We can do this in another way: pulling the light up and shining it down on the face at an angle of 45 degrees diagonally directly in front of the subject.   

lighting for zoom meetings

directly above at an angle of 45 degrees

     Since the light is coming directly from above at an angle of 45 degrees, it will make your nose appear and longer because a butterfly shadow will be formed under the nose. Your eyes will appear more esoteric because there is a shadow that is created under the brow bone, while a shadow is formed under the chin, which also causes your neck to lengthen.  

     This is the method used by many movie actors, especially Audrey Hepburn. In almost all of her photos, lighting is placed directly above her head, and the light shines down.

left 45 degree
webcam lighting

                                     45 degrees to the left effect                       directly above at an angle of 45 degrees effect

   If you are slim with long face, you will appear slimer with a longer face. But if you are fat, congratulations, this method is suitable for you.

    In general, most of what we use lighting for zoom meetings for is to make some simple calls to colleagues or friends. If you are not conducting professional lectures, speeches or conducting live event or talking  to customers, a single light is sufficient. If you think, your budget is on the high side, then we will introduce the two-point lighting method. This method is better than the 45degrees method we saw earlier.

    For two-point lighting, you need for two lighting for  zoom meetings: one for the main light, the other for the auxiliary lights. In general, as the light placed at left is the main light, this time it is a little brighter. It is also placed at an angle of 45 degrees to the left. The other auxiliary is placed at an angle of 45 degrees to the right. This time its brightness is only half that of the main light, or even less.

    The advantage of this is that the light is not directed to the lens, and there will be no reflected light, which also eliminates the reflected light.

two -point lighting
two-point lighting

   Two -points lighting

      Why use two light sources? As we saw earlier, when the left side is illuminated, the right side of the face will be dark state, hence there will be more noise, which gives the skin a very rough appearance. So the right side of the face needs to be illuminated by also placing a light source to at the right.

     So two-point lighting is a better lighting method. It is better than single-point lighting at an angle of 45 degrees directly above facing down, because its light is more uniform. Besides, two-point lighting does not change the appearance of the shape of the human face whereas single-point lighting does.

webcam lighting

                                                                      directly above at an angle of 45 degrees effect                   two-points lighting effect   

      Moreover, two-point lighting accentuates the three-dimensional effect of the face, especially in the cheeks thanks to a triangle of lighting. This contrast between light and dark gives the face a sharp and angular form.

conclusion  about  zoom  lights


     In summary, there are two solutions to the problem of reflective circles on glasses or on the eyes: For calls between acquaintances, use one-point lighting, which is an inexpensive alternative. For one-point lighting, the light source is placed directly above obliquely at a 45-degree angle facing downward. Although this is not the perfect solution, it can solve the problem of reflective circles. If your budget is flexible, you can use two-point lighting to solve this problem. Two-point-lighting is better than a one-point lighting.

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4 tips of using zoom lights: how to make you look better in Zoom Calls.

4 tips of using zoom lights: how to make you look better in Zoom Calls

Editor by tong jing 01/04/2022

all kinds of application about lihting for video calls

      Working from home has become increasingly popular since the start of the pandemic. Thus, lighting for matters like video conferencing has seen an explosive demand. zoom  lights has always allowed people to be more confident and better prepared to showcase their abilities; so better lighting equals more productivity. However, there are common problems that plague people when using lighting for video conferencings, such as insecurities relating to the face as well as eyestrain among others.

       As an engineer, I often analyze the comments and questions about lighting  for video conferencings on YouTube. To summarize and to get a better understanding about the demand of customers, in order to develop suitable products. In a survey of over 100 questions conducted among YouTube customers, I have summarized the 7 main concerns held when it comes to using lighting; specifically, the single ring light.

       This article summaries the frequently asked questions and how to solve them.

 top 7 problem about  lighting for video calls

  1. If zoom lights is directly positioned in front of the face, this may cause a glare for people with glasses or cast shadows on the eyes.
  2. Zoom lights may cause eye fatigue especially during extended video conferences which may cause the eye to be weary, irritated and sensitive from looking at the computer screen
  3. The lighting for Zoom calls are often inconvenient to move. 
  4. Many desktops and PCs have poor quality to no cameras, so cellphone cameras are preferable.
  5. Due to laptop screens being relatively thin, the resolution of the laptop cameras cannot keep up with that of the mobile phone.
  6. Since the laptops are often placed on desktops/flat surfaces; the laptop camera becomes low, causing the viewing angle to make the user’s face appear larger and focuses more on the chin and the mouth rather than the eyes. Customers had to prop up their notebooks with objects such as books.
  7. Most lightings for Zoom video calls are often large in size or are not flexible enough to be storage convenient which results in them taking up too much space on the desktop. 
zoom lights
shadows in the eyes
glare on the glasses

        Above are the 7 common problems that users meet during Zoom video calls.

         For point 1 and 2, the common solution is to turn up the Zoom lights and let the ring light come down from above. In this, the glare disappears as the face is no longer in front of the webcam lightings, therefore leaving eyes normal and not tired.

       See the pictures below (this is only a solution for a single lamp, not the most suitable method). 

webcam lighting

     This is Hepburn’s main shooting method.

    Another method is placing the Zoom lights directly in front of the body illuminating the key attractive areas of the face and casting shadows below the face.  

    Side fill lights will be required causing an increase in the budget.

    Taking these questions into consideration, it is evident that we all need the features of our Zoom lights to not only focus on lighting, brightness adjustment and color temperature selection but to have more features. According to the customers some of the requirements of a Zoom lighting should include:

      7 Solutions to the top most asked questions about using Zoom lights

        1 The height of the light can be adjusted so that the lighting for video conferencing can suit people of all different heights. As well as it will be able to illuminate the face from a 45-degree angle; from the top eliminating glare and eye strain. (Solution to the first and second problem above)

       2 Portable. (Solution to the third question)。

      3  When not in use, the Zoom light can be easily stored so that it does not take up space on the desktop. (Solution to the seventh question)

       4  The Zoom light allows for the mobile phone to be fixed for video conferencing (solution to the fourth, fifth and sixth problems above).

       Lighting for Zoom meetings should have the four characteristics; which are it needs to be retractable, portable, foldable, and fixed.

     Therefore, according to these four characteristics, our company has designed suitable lighting products.

     First, there are the telescopic rods that can be adjusted to height to solve eye fatigue and eye glare.

      Second, the lighting for  zoom calls can be folded and is convenient to carry.  

telescopic stick
lighting for zoom calls
store in folder

    Third, the lighting for video conferencings is foldable and easy to store in any document folder.

    The mobile phone can be fixed on the ring light. Thus, it is the perfect solution to lower definition computer webcams and laptops.

   Lighting for video conferencings also solves lighting issues where areas of the face like the chin and mouth looking bigger than in reality due to the lower position of laptops cameras.

zoom lights

       It is not only a table lamp, but also a makeup lamp。

   conclusion: so it   is  the  best  zoom  light:

      So it is the best zoom  light: retractable, portable, foldable, and fixed.

      thank you for supports of partner ACKIMA!


How to use ring light — one point lighting


Why Stars’portrait images are so beautiful and feeling, because they have professional lighting technicians and retouchers. For us, it is impossible to own, it is a good choice for us to make a brief know of lighting arrangements.

Mode 1 Front Light

top view

Rontal lighting that the lighting emanates from behinds the camera or from the camera itself. It is mainly that making your facial beautiful.

This this side, the skin is delicate.

MODE 2 45° side light

Placing your ring light at the 45 ° angle facing toward the subject , and setting up the camera in the front of subject。


An example of Rembrand lighting

This studio lighting pattern called Rembrand lighting, mainly creates a clearly 3D outlined portrait, eg pronounced eyes and roman nose. We can easily find the difference as put two photos togeter as bellow.


MODE 3 Step forward top view

The ring lights coming from the above and in front of subject, the camera is right in front of the subject.


This studio lighting pattern called butterfly lighting.Exclusive Audrey Hepburn photography, It makes your eyes bigger and lengthens neck which the model looks thinner.

front lighting
45° side lighting
step forviewward top view

Summary: if your skin is not delicate, you can choose the frontal lighting pattern; if five sense are small, you can use 45° side lighting pattern or step forward top view pattern; the third pattern also can make your face look thinner, more suitable for the fat.

The first one is the most common setups, the circle fill-in lighting with mobile fixing bracket usually adopt this pattern.

The second one make the outline of portrait more clear and tridimensional. But the left side is too dark, there are had better two lights to fill in.

The third one is most common, with it, the model looks more thinner, eyes is bigger, and neck is longer.