all kinds of application about lihting for video calls

    This is a blog about  lighting for video conferencings.

      We think: there is a huge divide between designers and users of the product. Designers don’t fully understand how users use the product, and users don’t understand the product either, resulting in less than perfect use.Our mission is to connect designers with users and help them use the product better. 

Why do you want to use ring light?

Tell the customer why they should use it, and in what environment and situation they should use it. The benefits of using it.

how to use the lighting for video conferencings
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What are the best lighting for zoom calls?

Tell customers how to select zoom lights and what features to choose, because not every designer knows the customer’s environment.

How do you use  lightings for zoom meetings?

Designers take into account the customer’s usage and environment, but the user does not know, so we give more advice to help the user achieve their best.